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Enlightened by a life-changing women’s conference in 2016, I pushed myself to step out from behind my prejudices. Resolved to peel back the labels we women place on each other and to reveal our complexities, I conceived my portrait series: In Her Words.

In Her Words illustrates battles and triumphs that we as women face and celebrate on a daily basis. Confronting personal experiences ranging from fending off misogyny to shopping for diamonds, each woman hand writes anecdotes worthy of eye-rolls, head-nods, or high-fives. While validating these women’s words, I invite viewers to question their own inner dialogues and interactions. The photo-illustrations will be compiled into a book that evokes the feeling of a collective diary. My goal is to foster a supportive sisterly community by creating a sense of belonging across cultures, races, classes, and generations.


If you or someone you know would like to participate in this project, please reach out using the contact information at the bottom of the page. Whether you want to illustrate your idea in a solo or group portrait, I look forward to hearing your battle, triumph, or words of support for your sisters! 

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Emily Falcigno is a freelance photographer with a B.S. in painting and photography from Skidmore College. Guided by her experience in photojournalism, Emily focuses on stories about human connection. 

Emily is committed to engaging the public in the Arts. Motivated by gentrification concerns in Somerville, MA, she co-produced Community Vault, a 30 year retrospective of local TV and film archives that asks "What has changed?" and "What has stayed the same?". While co-producing "Art City August", a free event series that featured emerging artists, her team was awarded a Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant.

Emily is on American Society of Media Photographers' New England chapter board where she advocates for women photographers. 

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