For Mission-Driven Professionals

How do you build trust with a new customer? You express yourself authentically.  We’re here to help you do that visually. Leading with compassion, we help you bring out the realest you, so you can connect with your investors, early adopters, and supporters, faster. 

Let's do this. 

Lifestyle Portraits

What activities speak to you and your audience?

Our goal here is to spotlight you in your realm of brilliance in a natural way. You could be taking a walk, meditating, giving product demos and talks, canvassing, or interacting with the community. We tag along and capture moments that show your humanity and accessibility. These may also include group shots with your invested supporters.

Number of Sessions & Locations customizable. Includes a library of high resolution, retouched photos, with marketing collateral license. A la carte options available. Additional travel fees may apply. 

Portrait Plus One or Two

Who's important to you?

Who has your back no matter what? Maybe it's your business parter, a family member, your best friend - yes, even a pet. We invite them to jump in a photo with you. 

1 hr session / 1 versatile location / Up to 5 people

Includes one final high resolution retouched photo with a marketing collateral licenseA la carte options available. 

Personality Portrait

What do you love about you?

We collaborate to bring out the truest version of you. This can be a  formal headshot w/ backdrop, or a more descriptive portrait of you in an illustrative space.  

1 hr session / 2 outfits / 1 versatile location 

Includes 2 final high resolution retouched photos with a marketing collateral license. A la carte options available. Additional travel fees may apply.  
Are there others on your team who need a portrait? We have group rates for 5 or more people. 

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Feminist Portrait Party

This is a unique opportunity to feel the power of the feminine. Take turns in the spotlight while the sisterhood cheers you on! Anyone who identifies as feminist is welcome to join. 

For parties of 5+ people.

1x 20 minute background-headshot session/person

Includes one web optimized photo with a marketing collateral license. 

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