Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a matchmaker?

I am not a matchmaker - although the gift does run in the family. I love networking and I remember people and stories very well. 

What I do is help you create a vision for your ideal lifestyle so we can create a strategy, and new photos that align with your true callings. I  help you call in ideal relationships and opportunities with my unique process, The Roadmap to Savvy.

Ugh. I hate having my photos done.

If you don't like getting your photo taken, but see the benefit in it, you've come to the right place. I specialize in putting you at ease in front of the camera, with some little tricks and a big dose of compassion. 

What is a Compassionate Photographer?

I start all my work with a compassionate lens. I want you to have a great experience, so I take into consideration societal factors and negative self-talk that might be blurring your own lens. I help you reframe your self-doubt into self-love for your unique talents that make you lovable just as you are. That's when we get the really good photos. 

What does manifesting have to do with my photos?

Learning to shift your mindset helps you see greater opportunities in your life. Creating a photo strategy and updating your photos is a key element in showing you are aligned and committed to calling in new relationships and opportunities. It sends a message to the universe that you are ready to uplevel.

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