I created a new Manifesting and Organizing business called Room to Transform, with a dedicated website. 
Please check it out and connect with me. 

Get Organized

Your space is a reflection of your circumstances, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. 

Do you

feel burdened by all the clutter?

want to become a minimalist but don’t know where to start?

want to plan your new space efficiently?

want to enjoy your space fully?

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Clears out mind clutter. Clears out guilt about your stuff.

Reduces stress.

Boosts your confidence!

Attracts positive energy.

Frees up time & energy to do the things you love...

Buh Bye Cluttered Lifestyle!

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Your Circumstances

You have an EVENT coming up and want your space looking AWESOME!

You want to make a space for SELF-CARE or HOBBIES.

You are going through a life or career TRANSITION and want to shed old stuff and make room for new interests.

You are MOVING or RENOVATING and want to declutter, and plan your new space more efficiently.

You want a cohesive CO-LIVING environment so your housemates will feel at home.
You inherited stuff that doesn’t fit your style or moved into a house where people left stuff.

You need help MAKING DECISIONS about what to toss and keep.

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Working Together

Emily empowers you to declutter your space so you can clear your mind to manifest the life of your dreams.

With compassion, resourcefulness, and a whistle-while-you-work attitude, Emily creates a judgment-free zone for you to set goals and build custom organizational systems that support your dream life vision. 

Emily collaborates with you to clear out the stuck-in-the-mud energy and uplift the joyous peaceful energy in your mind and space.

Emily is a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, and has insurance.


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How We Collaborate

I work with people who are committed to bold, compassionate, change. I seek client relationships where we love and nurture each other's growth. This work is very personal and collaborative, and I'll hold it in confidence. In order for me to be your cheerleader through this process, we need to establish a non-judgmental, trusting, peaceful, ready-to-do-the-work vibe. 

Your Vision

First we have a complimentary video call within the space you want to reorganize. We get to know each other, understand your needs, and see if we’re the right fit.

Next comes the fun part:
I send you Your Vision survey, and you get to dream big about your space. 
We have a call to clarify your vision, figure out how much you want to participate, and book your session.

The Session and Accountability

We keep your vision in mind as we go through the process of sorting, purging, creating new systems, reviewing various container options, and evaluating the new systems.       

I'll be there to help make decisions, give high fives, keep you on track, and help you form new habits. 

We continue sessions as needed, help you pick out containers for your space,  and check in one more time after we finish the reorganization. 


$297 flat rate includes a Vision Survey, prep meeting, and a 3 hour minimum session.
Additional hours are $60/hr.
50% Payment is due to hold the date, and the remainder is due after each session. Rates do not include container purchases, junk hauling, misc costs.

Clients who can pay full price help me pay it forward to others who cannot. 

Clients with a tight budget, let's chat about how we can work together. As my business evolves, we'll figure out more good ways to pay it forward and create equity. 

Set up a 30 min complimentary call to chat about your project, and to see if we're a good fit.

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Office Space

Art Studio



Attic / Basement / Garage

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Clever Solutions that meet your budget

Decluttering, Sorting, Organizing

Decision Making Assistance & Coaching

Arranging for Donations / Recycling / Junk Collections

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Get Started

Where are you in your organizing journey?

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