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Manifest Your Vision

Want to build your dreams with less resistance and more ease

Learn how to manifest using the power of your intuition and the quantum field.

Pssst... It's not all woo woo magic. There are scientific reasons why this works.

~ See Testimonials Below ~

The Visionary's Journey

1:1 or Group of 2-4 people / 3 workshop sessions + 1 :1 follow up call 

We meet around the New Moon each month. This is a natural time to self-reflect and set intentions. We schedule a private call within the following week to check in on your progress. 

In this manifesting master class you will:

◦ Acquire tools to shift your mindset and focus on your desires.

◦ Learn how visioning and manifesting works in real life.

◦ Learn how to overcome negative self-talk and obstacles.

◦ Make your own vision board(s).

◦ Connect and party with a small group of like minded people!

So you can:

◦ Start seeing miracles that align with your big dreams!

◦ Feel more connected with your soul's purpose, and aligned with your lifestyle.

◦ Attract relationships and opportunities you desire with ease. 

You should attend this workshop if you:

◦ Want to take time to focus on your deepest desires. 

◦ Want an immersive experience with 1:1 guidance. 

◦ Have awesome ideas and don’t know how to make them happen.

◦ Are a logical thinker and you want more magic in your life.

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(Scheduled 1-3 days apart within 10 days. To discuss details for in person workshops, schedule a Clarity Call.) 

Session 1 - Learning the juicy details of manifesting. (90min)

Session 2 - Learning unblocking tools + Creating your vision board. (90min)

Session 3 - Manifesting Party! (90min)

Private Follow Up Call (45 min)

(Scheduled a week or so later.) 


◦ Access to a computer and internet for Zoom video calls for the best experience. Alternatively, phone access will work. We will provide the links once you register. 

◦ We use Pinterest to demo vision boarding, but you can make a physical vision board with magazines, glue stick, paper. We will discuss various digital ways to make vision boards too.

◦ To be open minded.

◦ To practice self-compassion. We accept you as you are, and encourage you to do the same.


LISTEN to how Zola found her dream job after Vision Boarding with me. 


"I loved Emily's Vision Workshops. She really motivated and inspired me to get to work on my ideas in a way that wasn't pressuring but rather very encouraging. I highly recommend them for anyone that is feeling creatively 'stuck' or even just needs a little push in the right direction." - Caitlin C., Producing a TV show.


"I thought I knew how to vision board and what it was all about, but Emily taught me some new tricks. She not only helped me learn something important that I was missing, but she made it fun!" - Lorena P., Producing a movie from her book.


"Emily was truly open and easy to engage with. Her encouragement was invaluable at opening up ideas and creative flow. I believe anyone thinking about doing a Vision Board would benefit from Emily's enthusiasm and easy to follow instructions." - Louise B., Sharing a dream home with friends.


"Emily created an open, warm and engaging environment for safe exploration and interaction among our small group. I'm not typically drawn to workshops, but I looked forward to each session to learn more about creating my vision with intention and hope. This was such a rewarding way for me to get focused, do some further self exploration and create a really exciting and specific vision in a fun and interactive setting! It was energizing!" Janet S., Loving life w/ the amazing love of my life.

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