Engaging Voices Podcast w/ Stacey Shipman - July 21, 2019

"Drawing from anecdotes of women’s everyday experiences, In Her Words Diary photographer, Emily Falcigno, and her clients create photo stories that induce eye-rolls, head-nods, and high-fives so people can have honest conversations about gender equality.

With an elixir of teamwork and massive action, In Her Words Diary was featured on a billboard in Times Square in 2018, has an engaging diary on Instagram, and has a celebrity series underway."

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Demystifying the Vision w/ Herself 360 - December 27, 2019

"February 2018. I asked my In Her Words Diary community “What’s Your Vision?” on the back of our first postcard. On the front is Isa Beltre, owner of Plush Nail & Beauty Bar. She told me about how she had a vision for her beauty bar and followed through with it no matter what push back she received. The response I wrote was a pipe dream. “I want In Her Words Diary photos on billboards, so women can look into the sky and see something they can relate to.” Gotta aim high, right?"

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From Doug Holder's Column, "Off the Shelf" - Nov 4, 2020

"Somerville Photographer Emily Falcigno... Takes inspiration from the neighborhood, people’s essence, and even the sexist remarks of Trumpism Emily Falcigno is a photographer who is about making a strong statement – she boils people and things down to their essence. She is not after the sizzle but the steak. I was glad to catch up with her." 

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Messy Middle Roadtrip Podcast w/ Janine Queenin & Nicole Markel - July 10, 2020

"Welcome to the Messy Middle Road Trip podcast. Today, we’re talking to Emily Falcigno who started believing in visions in 2018 when her photo series “In Her Words Diary” landed a billboard in Times Square. Since then, she realized living her ideal lifestyle was a lot closer than she thought. By strategically implementing her visions on dating and work, she started attracting exactly what she wanted – including podcast guest appearances and dream vacations. Now she’s creating photo strategies for her clients, so they can live their ideal lifestyles faster.

A singles photographer who doesn’t do hair and makeup makeovers or encourage you to lose 5 pounds, Emily helps you uncover your desires, find your radiance through self-compassion, and helps you live your ideal lifestyle through vision boarding."

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"Popup takes aim at raising daters’ profiles, ending fish pics, duck faces, gym, car selfies" - By Katie Kawachi - February 8, 2020

Photographer Emily Falcigno’s inspiration to create her business and the February popup was the flurry of “fish pics, duck faces, gym selfies and now car selfies” in the online dating landscape. “Picture this: person at the wheel, so the backdrop is the interior. Sometimes a cut-off passenger, sometimes a dog or kids with their faces blacked out. Somewhere they’re eating, or in a three-piece suit making a dumb face because they can’t figure out where the button is on the phone. To me, these selfies beg the questions: Why are you in the car? Is your lackluster spouse in the house? Is that your getaway car? Do you commute five hours a day?” Falcigno said. “These are not the questions I want to be asking while scrolling through a profile.”

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