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My specialty focus on women was inspired by the women I photographed for my photo series and collective online diary, In Her Words. See my Instagram link for more information. 

"Before my photo shoot I was a bit nervous, I love being in photos but professional shoot seemed a little intimidating. I was worried I would not look like myself in the photos but Emily made me totally relaxed and helped me laugh my nerves away. The photos look so beautiful, and feel so true to me. I just love them. The experience was so fun and felt like total self care. " JD

In Her Words Diary

In Her Words illustrates battles and triumphs that we as women face and celebrate on a daily basis. Confronting personal experiences ranging from fending off misogyny to shopping for diamonds, each woman hand writes anecdotes worthy of eye-rolls, head-nods, or high-fives. While validating these women’s words, I invite viewers to question their own inner dialogues and interactions. The photo-illustrations will be compiled into a book that evokes the feeling of a collective diary. My goal is to foster a supportive sisterly community by creating a sense of belonging across cultures, races, classes, and generations.

Hey Ladies!

I am Emily Falcigno, a Women’s Portrait Photographer, who loves spontaneous dance parties, connecting with people and learning about their lives.  I want to make the most impact with my work as a visual communicator by validating women's work and amplifying our stories. Our stories include those of any individual who identifies as female. Here's mine:

Chapter 1: A Man's World

Starting as a photojournalist in the early 00's, I've been photographing people in their environments - musicians, athletes, business people, families, celebrities. All the while, I pushed papers at my full-time-side-job in tech at a corporate law firm for 12 years. 

Talk about a living in man's world! One day, a Verizon tech came in and asked me, "Where's the IT guy?" I told him, "I'm the IT guy."

Transitioning back to photography full time felt soooo right. 

Chapter 2: Strengthening the Women's World

2016 brought a life-changing Experience Weekend with Mama Gena and The School of Womanly Arts. Look 'em up! Since then, I’ve been working on a photo book and community project called In Her Words Diary where I illustrate small battles and triumphs of every day women.

I want to leave the sisterhood better than how I found it - where women fight for each other

Follow In Her Words Diary and participate on instagram @inherwordsdiary.

Emily Falcigno is a freelance photographer and the Communications Co-Chair for American Society of Media Photographers, New England, where she advocates for women's programs. 

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